Catafit SAS, in its 5-year trajectory, has the nationwide wholesale business line of women’s sportswear with the latest fashion trends, serving stores, boutiques, fashion stores, independent vendors, etc., for that within their strategic plan they can renew their options and thus generate loyalty and repurchase of their continuous clients and attract new clients.

We work month to month to meet all the demands through a virtual catalog and facilitate the completion of your order. With this material, our clients can carry out marketing campaigns with their databases and generate purchase orders.

Easy buy:

1. Orders are received via email: or through whatsapp (+57) 3002114527, and in response a commercial advisor will send the product catalog with photos, references and wholesale prices

These orders must be made by curve (a curve consists of all sizes by reference, example S, M and L). The minimum order being the dozen (12) units and the assorted curve in 4s 4 m 4l You can also place orders without a curve, but price priority will be given to customers for orders per curve.

2. We verify the order based on the existing inventory. (Since this changes constantly)

3. All prices vary according to the quantities required, ranging from 1 .6 .12 and 24 units

4. The dispatch of Merchandise is made immediately the payment is confirmed, which must be canceled through cash, bank transfer or means of payment (cash, ballot, win wins etc.)

 5. The cost of freight (shipment of merchandise) is borne by the customer through the courier company.